On Vision


On Vision pairs footage of the destruction of James Turrell’s Skyspace at the CCA Santa Fe with excerpts of interviews of Kanye West. During the lead Turrell’s studio to relinquish the piece and remove it from Turrell’s catalogue raisonne. Kanye West, the haptic narrator of On Vision, recently donated 10 million dollars to Turrell’s Roden Crater after only 3 years of claiming bankruptcy. The Hip Hop artist’s donation is indicative of the genre’s fascination with the light artist’s aesthetic and body of work. In fact, Turrell’s work was seen on a global scale as the visual backdrop in Drake’s 2016 music video, Hot Line Bling, propelling the exposure of the artist’s work to the upper echelons of popular culture. Rapper Tyler the Creator was also given a private museum tour with Turrell at Mass MOCA where the artist’s solo show, “Into the Light” is currently on exhibit.